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Sparkling Richard

by Glitter Dick

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Audiophile 03:07
Hey little girl I love lovin’ you And all the sounds you made yeah I like them too So let me hear you say whoa yea just a little more Let me hear you say whoa yea my little girl Won't you stay don't walk away the road's much too long Won't you say oh whoa oh oh Won't you lay don't walk away the road's much too long Sing it girl oh whoa oh oh Oh yea Submissive girl crawlin' back to me Well if you prefer now baby I'll be the one down on my knees
Tattooed and actin’ bad Just like a cro mag and oh Whatcha trying to prove? I wanna know (wanna know) Well you know you killed the fun today Well you know now kid you're gonna pay Well you know just go away Oh you know you killed the fun today Wavin' a black flag You got a dog to wag and oh Who you tryin' to fool? I wanna know (wanna know) Oh everyone in the audience readin' the Punk Rock Rulebook I hate You can all go fuck yourselves and I'll masturbate You're pulling shit out the bottom of your ass I'm making shit off the top of my head One more time I'm gonna tell it to you And maybe you'll fucking get it
They say she walkin' on down on the street They say she lyin' in all the backseats But I I get to have you for free So darlin’ does that mean you love me? She ain't alone at night She found a way to pay the bills alright I Don't wanna know if it's true They say she chargin' for all her time Her daddy hits her if she don't pay for her crime But I I get to have you for free So darlin’ does that mean you love me?
Everybody's doing just a brand new dance (oh yea baby oh yea baby) All you gotta do is just-a take off your pants (oh yea baby oh yea baby) Under your legs and your girl shuffles down (oh yea baby oh!) Balls in your face C'mon baby get balls in your face Oh my baby get balls in your face Oh my baby darlin' oh C'mon everybody now She's a cool chick with a guy I know (oh yea baby oh yea baby) He's a cool cat with a rhythm and flow (oh yea baby oh yea baby) Guys can do it too there's no need to frown (oh yea baby oh) Balls in the air Balls on the floor C'mon baby do it and you do it some more Everybody's gonna do this brand new dance with me One more time now Taking off his pants like a meat machine (oh yea baby oh yea baby) Loaded up on poppers cigarettes and caffeine (oh yea baby oh yea baby!) One more time do this dance with me (oh yea baby oh!)
There's no lyrics you big silly dummy, this one's instrumental!
I wanna move to New Orleans So I don't have to be anything And if I want I can drink until I die And shoot myself out into the open sky Well Johnny Thunders he was MIA They couldn't find him for a couple of days He had a one track mind and track marks on his arms It was harvest season on the heroin farm I wanna be like Johnny T I guess its time for me to OD A needle and spoon I wanna ride that horse So Mother Nature can take her own course I wanna see the red before I'm blue Another victim here on Smack Avenue
Dumb Punks Damn drunks Crust fund life in the streets Fixed gears Smug sneers You're just so damn elite The hardass homies in their homemade cars Cruising slow and they're chasing the bars Jerkass fratboys with Jack Johnson guitars Now it's time for you to ride The Bonestripper Hardcore Are you sure? You scream with nothing to say My visions hazy I'm gettin' lazy Hippies get out of my way You beat your Bible suckin' on Mary's teat And you're talkin' to a ghost that you won't ever meet You're on your knees for the Eucharist treat Now it's time for you to ride A rollercoaster of death It rips the bones from your flesh One helluva ride Now you're all gonna die
Uncle Mike 03:15
Fade Out Burn Out He rolled up to my house in a black Chevrolet And it's all right all right I knew he wanted a cool place he could stay And it's all good all good Two months parole he punched a cop in the face And it's all right all right And now he sleeps an hour from Santa Fe And it's all good oh Uncle Mike He always seemed so strange to me Uncle Mike came home today And now he's here to stay He ordered hookers like he did overseas And it's all right all right He drank his bottles through blood and broken teeth Says it's all good all good He lit a joint and it went straight to my brain And it's all right all right I'm gonna puke I got a disease And it's all good oh Fade Out Burn Out
Last Call 03:14
So so so done With the drama baby Won't climb all the ladders In your club The top drops me six feet under To another world Of trophy girls and trophy guys You think you got me But I gotta surprise and uh oh There's one thing That I want you to know Oh I'm so so over you Well I'm at last call And checkin’ out Oh I’m so so over you Well I’m at last call And checkin’ out Lookin' lookin' Like you're cryin' baby I won't hear all the lies That you try to speak You got your eyes closed And your halo's bent No redemption In the bottle or bed You're gonna suffer Till the day that you're dead And you know Well I'll pour one out for you Oh I'm so so over you Well I'm at last call And checkin’ out Oh I’m so so over you Well I’m at last call And checkin’ out



released December 12, 2011

Vocals & Keys - Kendoll Killjoy
Guitar - Magnum P. Nye
Bass - Dee Dee Ramen
Drums - Suzi de Sade
Produced, engineered, and mixed by Bob Hoag
Recorded at Flying Blanket Recording in Mesa, AZ
Assistant Engineer Gerald Schoenherr
Mastered by Jason Livermore at The Blasting Room in Ft. Collins, CO
Vinyl pressed by Furnace MFG
Album art concept and layout design by Killjoy
Album cover by Grayson Kilmer (
Backing vocals by Glitter Dick
Tambourine (and organ solo on Shirtcockin’) played by Bob Hoag
Additional rhythm guitar by Killjoy
All songs arranged by Glitter Dick
All lyrics by Killjoy, reprinted by permission
except track 7 by Kenta Henmi and track 8 by Killjoy/P. Nye
Tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, & 10 by Killjoy
Tracks 4 & 8 by P. Nye/Killjoy
Track 7 by Kenta Henmi
Track 9 by P. Nye/B. Davis/R. Cordova
Track 6 by Araya/Hanneman originally performed by Slayer
track 11 [bonus track for digital re-release] written, arranged, performed, recorded, mixed, mastered by Killjoy

Special Thanks to: All our friends and families, Natalie, Ocken, Judge Mathis for funding our record, Addison (Hour of the Wolf) for recommending the studio, Bob and Gerald, Ryan Weber (Spanish Gamble/Bone Shakers), Mark Furini (Open Wound Films) Erin Suknot, Brian Fejer, Mario Rivera, The Koffin Kats (especially Ian), Luke Murphy, Troy Tripp, Joe Cardillo, Melinda Walsh, Daryl Delfrate, Lisa Ruby, Jon Reed (and his daughter Maddie), Dandee Fleming, Paul Blackburn, Johnny Gomez, Johnny Wilson at For The Love of Punk, Lisa Root at AMP magazine, Toby and Smitty at BlankTV, Denise & Brian at Punk World Views, The Alibi, Wig Wam Bam, Metalsucks, Reggie and Matt at A Metal State of Mind, The Launchpad, Sister, Anodyne, Dialogue, Blackbird Buvette, Burt’s Tiki Lounge, Teenage Werewolves, High Iron, Jonny Cats, Stabbed in Back
Extra special thanks to our most generous investors and benefactors:
Reese Lester, Scott Nacke, Trei Saenz, Laura Hosek, Marilyn Henmi, Chris
Fortson, Karen Fortson, Richard Fortson, David Dowell, Matt Dowell,
and Mr. Richard Simmons himself


all rights reserved



Glitter Dick Albuquerque, New Mexico

Play like Berry. Act like Iggy. Look like Bowie.

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